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Home/News/River public transport is an alternative to city crowds, but also a new tourist attraction in Belgrade

River public transport is an alternative to city crowds, but also a new tourist attraction in Belgrade

The introduction of river public transport in Belgrade will provide alternatives to transportation and will be a new attraction in the city that could attract more tourists.
So they say at the city’s Secretariat for Public Transport, which recently launched a public procurement to produce a feasibility study on introducing this type of transport in the capital.
According to a 2003 study, there were two possible lines of inland waterway transport – suburban, from Obrenovac via Vinca to Pancevo, and a city line that would connect New Belgrade, Zemun and Ada Huja, City Public Transport Secretary, Jovica Vasiljevic told Tanjug.
However, much has changed in Belgrade in the meantime, he said, adding that in recent years we have witnessed the development of both the state and the capital, which has many construction sites and new attractive zones, including Belgrade on the Water.
“It is hardly a city in a city that will generate a large number of movements of people and passengers. In addition, other parts of the city are developing and after so long there is a need to do a new analysis and see the possibilities of introducing river transport”, said Vasiljevic.
The study is planned to be done in six months, and will show how justified the introduction of river transport in the capital, what are the possible routes of that transport, etc.,
“In addition, it needs to provide an analysis of the existing public transport system in terms of the legal regulation of the existing network of other modes of public transport, because when inland waterway transport is introduced, it must have an adequate connection with other modes of public transport, like bus stations”, Vasiljevic explained.
The intention, he says, is to provide Belgrade citizens with an alternative to transportation, as the number of registered motor vehicles in the city is increasing every year.