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Rubber processing plant on Zlatibor

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Russian company Regrez KSP, which runs rubber recycling plants in Moscow and Budapest, has confirmed it’s intention to have such plant, worth over EUR 10 million, built in Branes field, at the foot of Zlatibor mountain, and equip it with the processing technology that will meet all strict ecological criteria of the European Union.

– Russians who were staying with us in early February, searching for a suitable location to invest in, have notified us in a letter that they accept the offered terms for the construction in Branes field. The deal will be made official next week when the delegation of this company will come to visit us – says Milan Stamatovic, the Mayor of Cajetina.

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Regrez KSP, as Stamatovic explains, will purchase 50 ares of municipal land in the industrial zone Branes field, in the lot where a refugee shelter used to be situated. Russians have found the offered price of EUR 300 per are of the lot acceptable.

Regrez KSP intends to purchase raw materials for the plant at the foot of Zlatibor in our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

– Representatives of the investor will bring a written consent from their Ministry of Ecology to the negotiations on the construction of the plant, confirming that the rubber processing technology the company uses is completely ecologically safe. The investor will also submit a similar document verified by the EU since it also operates in Hungary according to same standards. They have already prepared a concrete draft of the preliminary project and technical data on the plant’s capacities. They expect the authorities in Serbia to give consent for the commencement of the project implementation very soon, as well as a permit for the import of raw materials from surrounding countries. Their estimate is that the plant could be put in operation six months after the commencement of construction works – says Mr. Stamatovic.

People from Moscow guarantee that the rubber recycling plant will first employ 50 workers and promise that the number of employees will grow with the growth of production.

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