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Russians to play key role in Croatia’s “new Agrokor”

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Rasim Ljajic says the restructuring of Croatia’s failed giant Agrokor is “in its final phase.”

“The new Agrokor” will start doing business in the fall, the minister in charge of trade in the Serbian cabinet told Prva TV.

According to Ljajic, the dynamic of the upcoming events concerning the company, that will get new owners, was revealed during a meeting last week.

Although exact ownership stakes are still unknown, two Russian banks – Sbernank and VTB – will have the largest share, followed by several US funds, Croatian banks, and suppliers.

“What’s important for us is that Agrokor continues to be successful in Serbia, where it has been stable thus far. It’s important for us that all this is finalized and to exit the restructuring process in a stable manner, that 11,000 people continue to have their jobs, and that our 2,000 suppliers continue to deliver their goods,” Ljajic said.

Last week, Russian Ambassador to Croatia told local media that the recent meeting between Russian and Croatian presidents “very much helped find a solution for Agrokor.”

Source; B92