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SBF2011 Project Preparation Workshops began

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Workshop for Bosnian and regional companies, which will participate on Sarajevo Business Forum 2011, began today (22th February) in Sarajevo. The workshops are organized by Bosna Bank International VIP Business Club and PGlobal, a consulting company from Turkey.

„We have prepared two workshops that will be held today and tomorrow in preparations for Sarajevo Business Forum.  The participating companies of Sarajevo Business Forum will be provided with information about document preparation and methods to be used in conducting feasibility studies that will be presented to the potential investors at the Forum“, said dr. Murat Yulek, the CEO of PGlobal and the workshop manager.

According to CEO of PGlobal, representatives from more than fifty companies dealing with various fields are expected to participate in the workshops.

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„The main participants of the workshops are the project bearers from various fields such as: energy, infrastructure, wood industry, financial industry, agriculture and tourism, namely all the fields that will be presented at the forthcoming Forum” added dr. Murat Yulek.

Senaida Turkić,  director of „Aksa“ company from Zenica dealing with engineering and projecting in construction, pointed out that „Aksa“  plans to present a residential project in Zenica at the SBF 2011.

„The proposed construction project would offer 160 residential units, commercial outlets, nursery schools and other facilities. We have conducted a feasibility study for this project and an estimated cost and expected financial effects have been calculated. The value of the project is estimated at 10 million Euros.”,  added S.Turkic.

During the course of today’s workshops companies were given instructions as to how to attract potential investors „The objective of the presentation of our project is to find investors. We offer the possibility of investing in the opening-up of a Quarry in Mostar. The value of this projects is around 20 million Euros, if the stone is exploited, but the investment in this project would not exceed million Euros.“, said Mario Božiković, director of „Mark 2“ company from Split (Croatia)

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According to Mr. Božiković, this project was also presented to the Qatari Chamber of Commerce and Industry whereby a pre-contract agreement for placing the Mostar Quarry stone on the market was signed on this occasion.


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