Serbia, 16.6 percent fewer building permits were issued than a year earlier

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2,782 construction permits were issued in Serbia in November 2022, which is 16.6 percent less than at the same time in 2021, the Republic Statistical Office announced today.

Of the total number of permits issued in November last year, 84.3 percent related to buildings, and 15.7 percent to other structures.

If only buildings are considered, 83.2 percent of permits were issued for residential, and 16.8 percent for non-residential, while for other buildings, the largest part refers to pipelines, communication and electrical lines (74.5 percent).

According to the permits issued in November 2022, the construction of 3,318 apartments was reported in Serbia, with an average area of ​​71.7 square meters.

New houses will make up 10.5 percent of new residential buildings, with an average area of ​​141.4 square meters, while 88.5 percent of apartments will be built in buildings with three apartments or more and their average area will be 62.8 square meters.

Observed by regions, the highest construction activity is expected in Belgrade, 34.8 percent of the predicted value of new construction, followed by Juznobačka oblast (10.2 percent), Srem oblast (6.8 percent) and Raška oblast (6.2 percent), while the shares of other areas range from 0.1 percent to 4.9 percent.

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