Serbia, 23 startups and 20 development centers operate within the Niš Science and Technology Park

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During the visit to the Niš Science and Technology Park, the delegation of the Serbian Association of Managers had the opportunity to meet representatives of some of the companies and startups that work within the NTP, including Syncit Group, Credium, Beehold, Redstone, Webelinx. They shared their experiences of starting a business with the SAM members and pointed out that the extremely favorable business environment in Niš and everything this center offers contributes to the development of their businesses, according to the announcement.
– Considering the decades-long presence of the electronic industry in this city, starting in 1948, when Elektroindustrija Niš was founded, it is completely natural that Niš still represents one of the centers when it comes to this type of industry. Surrounded by Mechanical Engineering, Construction-Architectural and Electronic Faculties, NTP offers the opportunity for the development of numerous startups from those fields – concluded on that occasion, director of NTP Niš Milan Ranđelović.
As it was announced, a business panel “The road to entrepreneurial success – is there a universal recipe?” was organized as part of the visit where successful businessmen and members of the Management Board of SAM shared their entrepreneurial experiences with those present.
The science and technology park in Niš was opened in 2020. Now there are 43 member companies, of which 23 are startup companies, and 20 are development centers. A good part of them is working on developing their own products. As the director of NTP explained, about 50% works on the development of the ecosystem, while the other 50% provides support to companies, eKapija writes.
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