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Serbia: a preferred destination for Middle East’s foreign direct investments

Serbia’s economy is expected to grow over three per cent this year, according to reports, the country expects steady progression upwards and is confident that growth can rise to about four per cent from 2020.

To reinforce its position as a global destination for foreign direct investments (FDI), the country is participating at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) which will be held in Dubai from 2 to 4 April 2017 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“It is indeed a pleasure to have Serbia participate in the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM). Serbia is an internationally recognised leader in business reforms, as well as a proven investment location internationally. Considering the strong cultural and historical similarities between the region and the Middle East, Serbia feels like home and as such the UAE is committed to bolstering its investments in Serbia. The country’s geostrategic position, economic stability, favourable business environment, booming real estate, lucrative free zones and clusters and highly qualified workforce makes Serbia a perfect destination for foreign direct investments,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, AIM’s Organising Committee.

Strategic investments between Serbia and countries in the Middle East are currently under way, such as the strategic partnership between Etihad Airways and Air Serbia, while Eagle Hills – an Abu Dhabi-based private property investment firm has launched the Belgrade Waterfront project, worth EUR 3.5 billion. Plans are now to develop a total of 1.8 million square metres of residential, commercial and recreational space with the backing of Eagle Hills, which is financing around two-thirds of the project, with the remainder shouldered by the Serbian government.

Held under the theme ‘International Investment, Path to Competitiveness & Development’, this year’s edition of AIM will discuss economic development opportunities and counter challenges. The international forum will be host to 140 countries and 150,000 attendees. In addition, AIM will host 100 high-level officials, 500 exhibitors and more than 100 media partners.