Serbia, Accelerated development of the region connected by the Danube can be achieved

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By connecting Central and Eastern Europe, accelerated development of the region connected by the Danube can be achieved, said the executive director of InoBat, who announced on Monday a large investment in a battery factory for electric vehicles in Serbia.

“My final dream is a regional technology corridor that will combine the best of the world of research and development and intellectual property with excellent production in Central and Eastern Europe in order to reach ultra-fast production and high growth”, Marian Bocek , CEO of InoBat, told Bloomberg Adria. 

Bocek’s claim agrees with the Danube Technology Valley initiative supported by a group of researchers in Slovakia from GLOBSEC.

GLOBSEC, led by former Prime Minister of Hungary Gordon Bajnai , advocates for greater cooperation in the region, stating that there is great potential for development in the field of new technologies. Specifically, in its research published in April this year, GLOBSEC focused on the potential of cooperation between Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

That group believes that these countries possess a unique combination of traditional industries and knowledge in new technologies, which can be a great advantage in the green transition, especially since most countries also have strong Internet connections, which significantly contributes to development opportunities.

“The region in particular could emerge as a global leader in the field of information and communication technologies, next-generation mobile technologies (6G) and the e-mobility industry”, according to the GLOBSEC report, which emphasizes that the European Union is currently leading the way in green investments, but that despite this, there is potential to record great growth in the fields of green technology, cyber-security and clean technologies in the Danube Valley.

The governments of Slovakia and Hungary supported this initiative in June, and it is open to other countries that want to join it, Bloomberg Adria writes.