Serbia, Al Dahra has invested 85 million euros so far

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Al Dahra, which bought the property of the former Agricultural Combine Belgrade (PKB), invested 60 million euros in the first three years of operations in Serbia and this year invested an additional 25 million euros in the modernization of production, infrastructure development and the purchase of new machines, it announced today Company.

The company emphasizes that they are planning capital investments in the next year as well.

“Despite the unfavorable conditions and the unprecedented drought that affected all agricultural goods in the country, we managed to achieve very good yields”, said the general manager of Al Dahra Serbia Dušan Radičević and added that this was the result of strategic planning and the use of smart technologies.

Al Dahra is an international corporation specialized in agribusiness and innovative food solutions, and the company in Serbia has awarded its employees with additional bonuses as a sign of gratitude for their exceptional dedication and hard work.

As announced, the first bonus in the amount of one half of the salary will be paid in November, while the second half will be awarded to employees in January 2023, so that in the next three months, all employees of Al Dahra Serbia will receive a total bonus in the amount of one monthly salary, Dnevnik reports.