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Serbia, Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction

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The curve of the construction industry growth trend in Serbia has begun to flatten, and the amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction aim to prevent this from happening and to continue growth, it was announced today at the last in a series of public hearings on this draft. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Aleksandra Damnjanović, said that the aim of the amendments is to further improve as much as possible and maintain the growth trend in construction in Serbia.

She stated that there are now 120,000 active construction sites in Serbia, and that 2019 was a record year in terms of issued building permits, and added that as a result, construction directly drives the growth of another 22 economic branches.

She added that the goals of amending the law are monitoring world trends in materials and methods of work, eliminating conflicting provisions with other regulations, creating conditions for legal construction, preventive action on new illegal construction, monitoring changes in space and timely response, and further decentralization of administration.

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