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Serbia, Armenia strengthen ties to develop innovative technologies

Serbia and Armenia are exploring potential areas for cooperation in the field of innovative technologies, and this topic is in the focus of the two-day visit by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian to Belgrade that started on Friday.

Sarkissian and a delegation of Armenian government members and company representatives were ceremonially welcomed at the Palace of Serbia by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Sarkissian also met Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and toured the Science-Technology Park in Belgrade.

After meeting his Armenian counterpart, Vucic recalled the good political relations between the two countries, and stressed that Serbia sees potential for cooperating with Armenia in the field of modern technologies, as Armenia is investing a lot in educational centers for youth development in order to be able to cope with modern global trends..

“Armenia is investing a lot in digitalization, modern technologies, artificial intelligence and innovative technologies, and we want to learn about it. We will cooperate and call for investment in our countries, for investment in digital and modern technologies, for our young scientists to go to and learn from Armenia,” he said according to a press release issued by the president’s cabinet.

Vucic announced that Serbia will open an embassy in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, by the end of the year and liberalize its visa regime for Armenian citizens.

Recalling his first meeting with Vucic during the security conference in Munich earlier this year, Sarkissian reaffirmed his commitment to strengthen cooperation with Serbia, emphasizing that there is room for intensification of cooperation in various fields.

“Together, we reaffirmed our commitment and desire to strengthen cooperation and open a new chapter in our relations,” said Sarkissian.

He agreed that the driver could be cooperation in innovation and high technology, and recalled that the Armenian delegation of consisting of representatives of high-tech companies would discuss investment opportunities with their Serbian counterparts.

According to the Serbian government’s press release, Brnabic informed Sarkissian about tax incentives aimed at developing the knowledge economy, and said that “Serbia is committed to transforming its economy so that in the near future it will be based primarily on innovation and knowledge.”

Source; Xinhua