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Unlocking regional energy potential: Collaboration for sustainable power solutions

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Regional projects serve not only as a necessity but also as a vital instrument in achieving shared objectives concerning energy security and the promotion of renewable energy sources, according to Dušan Živković, the acting CEO of “Elektroprivreda Srbije” AD, as reported by EPS during the Energy Summit in Trebinje.

During the panel discussion titled “Connecting – Networking Electric Power Companies in the Region in Response to Energy and Climate Changes,” Živković stressed the importance of collaborative efforts to generate joint megawatts, particularly from renewable sources like the hydroelectric system “Upper Drina”.

In the current era of energy transition and decarbonization, the significance of networking and cooperation among electric power companies in the region cannot be overstated. As we face mounting challenges associated with these transformations, regional energy projects offer the most promising solutions. The pivotal question remains: Will we seize the opportunity and demonstrate the necessary synergy to embark on projects like “Upper Drina”, boasting a capacity of 211 megawatts? With 2026 swiftly approaching, Živković underscored the impending pressure from the CBAM tax, urging proactive action.

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