Serbia does not have to worry about oil and gas

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Director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic, said today that Serbia does not have to worry about oil and gas, but stressed that Europeans have overplayed, because, as he said, “politics solves the situation more than the market.”

Bajatović said, among other things, that the world crisis occurred, not because the producers of oil derivatives raised their prices, but because traders on the stock exchange, who use the war in Ukraine to make money.

There was a shortage of gas in Europe. Lack of gas, speculation on the market… Who cares? Who will pay the price? Well, Europe. By printing money, America caused a crisis, so it somehow had to ‘export’ that crisis and justification of price increases “, said Bajatović for Pink.

When it comes to gas, Serbia has, as the director of Srbijagas says, a first-class arrangement with Russia.

“We pay 270 dollars (per 1,000 cubic meters) for six months, the Turks don’t have that either. It will be a problem to fill the warehouses over the summer, it’s not usually barrels, it’s a large amount. Clearly, it may not be easy to maintain military neutrality “President Aleksandar Vucic, with whom I completely agree, should look solely at its own interests. We currently have enough opportunities, we partially subsidize gas consumption, we have no problem, and there will be no price increase until the end of the heating season,” Bajatovic said. Serbia is relatively safe in this gas situation.

And when it comes to oil, Bajatović says that it will be enough.

“We will be able to supply oil from Russia. You also have American, Iranian, Iraqi oil. I don’t worry about that. There were sanctions, we managed, the point is that the oil is of good quality,” he said. Bajatović also referred to the situation regarding electricity, saying that there will be no problems in that field either, and if it were not for the current situation, Serbia could also be an exporter, Euronews reports.

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