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Serbia enery – Industrial energy system

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Industrial Energy System

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The industrial energy system consists of heating sources of around 6,300 MW of thermal power. These heating sources are dispersed amongst several hundred industrial companies in Serbia and are used for the production of industrial steam and heat and for the heating of industrial facilities. In about 30 industrial companies there are power plants facilities that combine the production of thermal energy and electricity (with a capacity of around 250 MW), but most of these have not been operational for some time.

The main feature of the industrial energy system is that it is outdated (over 74% of the existing facilities are over 20 years old, and over 30% of the facilities are more than 30 years old), it has a very low level of energy efficiency and a high dependency on imported sources of energy (mostly oil and natural gas imports which amount to over 80%). The estimated investment needed for both the modernization of existing equipment and the installation of new equipment in the industrial energy system is some EUR 400 million.



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