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Serbia, Expansion of information and communication technologies and their benefits - Serbia Business

Serbia, Expansion of information and communication technologies and their benefits

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One of the activities in which Serbia achieves a surplus in exchange with the world, with a jump of 48 percent, is the sector of information and communication technologies. According to official data, last year the value of exports reached a record 2.69 billion euros, while at the same time we imported IT services for 732 million euros. In such good results, the participation of dispatching services, tracing tracking and others is significant.

They are young, computer literate, speak excellent English, and additional knowledge of Spanish is an advantage. College is not a requirement, but a good knowledge of logistics, how supply chains work, is required.

“We deal here with the transportation of goods in America, that is, logistics. We find goods that need transportation in America and connect people who need transportation, carriers, and let’s say, we make a whole circle of logistics, that is, road transportation in America,” says Andrija Vukotić , the dispatcher.

It Is estimated that there are about a hundred such companies in Serbia with several thousand employees. The most demanding job is that of a dispatcher who finds tours. There are also so-called recruiters who look for drivers from American lists of professional drivers and connect them with companies that need to transport goods.

No less Important is the person who follows the truck from the point of departure to the final destination 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because if a problem arises – it must be solved immediately. A special person is in charge of the safety of both the truck and the driver, as well as ensuring that safety regulations are met.

“When I come to work, I first check where all the trucks are, what happened during the evening, during the day. Once that is checked, you have to wait for which truck will arrive at which address, where it should unload its goods. When It happens, you use a number of different boards, i.e. markets, where you look at what tours are available, what is needed for transport, where it should be combined so that the goods being transported are profitable for the company, and therefore for the person who needs them transport”, adds Andrija.

The job Is not easy. It is also done at night because of the time difference, and the responsibility is great. “These are intelligent jobs, where you have to think a lot, when certain decisions are made, because you are driving some kind of trucks that are many thousands of kilometers away, you are solving their problems,” points out Dr. Slobodan Aćimović from the Faculty of Economics.

For young people, however, he considers it a good start to a career. “In a way, I would also like for us as the state to protect them a little better in terms of labor law status and tax status, if young people are more visible in that sense and if that branch, I would say the branch of logistics, practically call it online logistics in Serbia is prospering even more,” notes Aćimović.

Experts estimate that these types of services could, in addition to transport, be provided in some other activities.


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