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Serbia, Freelancer tax model given green light

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The Finance Committee accepted numerous amendments to the law, confirmed some loans, and supplemented the plans of several institutions for 2022.

The most attention of the deputies was the solution to the problem of legalization of freelancers through, as Finance Minister Siniša Mali said, an agreement with associations based on which both sides win.

He said that along with the agreed payment of taxes and contributions, that type of entrepreneur also gets the right to pension and health insurance.

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Changes to some laws are related to the adoption of the budget previously accepted by the board.

Several amendments to the law concern rounding off the system of fiscalization and e-invoicing, as well as correcting perceived deficiencies in practice.

The Board accepted amendments to the Law on Contributions for Mandatory Social Security, the Law on the Budget System, the Law on Property Tax and the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration.

Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, the Law on Republic Administrative Fees, the Customs Law and the Law on Deadlines for Settlement of Financial Obligations in Commercial Transactions received the green light from the board.

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Consent was given to amendments to: the Law on Electronic Invoicing and the Law on Fiscalization.

The board accepted the proposal of borrowing from NLB Komercijalna banka to finance the construction of a high-speed road to Požarevac and Golupac in 2023.

Consent was also given to the Framework Protocol on financial and technical cooperation with the Kingdom of Spain.

Changes to the plans of the RFZO, the National Employment Service and the military social insurance fund were given the green light based on the recently adopted rebalancing, Nova reports.

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