Serbia, Growth recorded in almost all sectors in 2022

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Coke and oil derivatives have risen in price the most in a year, according to the data of the Republic Institute of Statistics.

When it comes to the prices of manufacturers of industrial products, the production of coke and petroleum derivatives rose by 36.5 percent from last to this December, paper and paper products rose by almost 30 percent in the same period, and prices in the sector are 25 percent higher. processing of wood and wood products, except furniture.

The production of furniture itself has become more expensive by 12.2% in one year, while a large increase in prices was also recorded in the production of food products – 21.8%.

The only sector in which prices fell in December 2022 compared to December 2021 was mining, where they were 12 percent lower.

Prices in the exploitation of oil and natural gas for one year fell by less than five percent, while the drop was significantly greater in the exploitation of metal ore – 27.5 percent, BiF reports.

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