Serbia has set aside 20 million euros from the budget for a SFRY loan

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Early this morning, it was Serbia’s turn to collect about 20 million euros from the budget. It is a loan that Serbia took from the World Bank. It was taken by our country during the time of the former SFRY.
The maturity date for this consolidated loan was June 15, and within the current installment, 4.2 million euros goes to interest, while the principal is 17.87 million euros.
During this year, Serbia will pay a total of 241.8 million euros for loans taken during the former Yugoslavia. We will return the debts of the SFRY to the Paris Club, the World Bank, but also to Kuwait.
This information was confirmed by the National Bank of Serbia, which stated that in the period from 2020 to 2024, about 213 million euros will be repaid annually, while from 2025, about 86 million euros will be repaid annually.
According to the Paris Club of creditors, according to the repayment plan, liabilities are due by 2041, according to the World Bank by 2031, while according to Kuwait, liabilities are due by 2034.
All these loans were taken by the prime ministers of Josip Broz Tito from world creditors during the seventies and eighties, Novosti reports.