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Serbia, How to get the customer to buy what you offer?

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How to get the customer to buy what you offer, and how to find you in order to buy something from you?

In order for someone to buy something, they first need to know who you are selling it to, and there are two approaches for such a message to reach the customer – push  and  pull  marketing.

In the first, the customer “knocks on the door” of the entrepreneur whom he heard sells what he needs or saw the goods in the window.

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In the second, you offer him something he had no intention of buying, but the offer made him interested.

Here’s how it looks in practice?

If someone wanted to buy, for example, “The Book of Samurai”, he found several sites, chose and paid, and the book was delivered to him.

If he also bought a book about Netflix, and he didn’t plan, but clicked on the ad and decided to buy it – it’s clear that the motives are different, and the purchase procedure is the same.

That is the basic difference between these two marketings.

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Or, for example – when at the fair one stand deals with the sale of agricultural equipment, it is pull marketing, and if the stand also hired individuals to distribute leaflets, it is push marketing.

Push marketing channels are television, radio, billboards, ads on social networks, and digital pull marketing Google search ads, SEO, blog texts, content marketing.

Push marketing is more expensive than pull marketing and easily leads the customer to the goods, but it takes more time and work to achieve the result.

Push marketing is used when you have a new product or brand, or you want to use an existing one to conquer new markets or to look for new customers, promote an event…

Pull marketing is used to get more users, to expand your mailing list, and the like.

It is best to use both types of marketing because together they bring the best results.

You will find more about this topic on the free platform for digital entrepreneurship Goustadi at

GouStadi is a free platform for training on digital entrepreneurship , jointly established by the agency GoViral and NALED with the support of Telekom Srbija, BizLife writes.

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