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Serbia imports the most milk and dairy products from Germany and Poland - Serbia Business

Serbia imports the most milk and dairy products from Germany and Poland

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A number of questions about the price and quality of this product were opened after the announcement that “Imlek” also packed Polish milk in the packaging of “my cow”

In the year when it became clear that there was a crisis in the dairy industry and when consumers faced shortages for the first time, more than 166 million euros worth of milk and dairy products were imported into Serbia. Referring to the data of the Republic Institute of Statistics, the “Agropress” portal, which recently started a story about Polish milk packaged and sold by “Imlek” under the brand “Moja kravica”, announced that in the eleven months of 2022, the most milk was imported into Serbia and dairy products from Germany and Poland. We procured milk in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, France, Italy and even from Belarus, statistical data show.

The information that “Imlek”, a synonym for domestic milk for years, has also put a certain contingent of imported Polish milk on the market caused violent reactions in the public. Although the declaration stated that the milk was produced in the EU and there was a stamp from the Polish veterinary service, consumers felt deceived. It is known that a small percentage of customers pay attention to declarations at all, especially when they opt for traditional domestic brands.

– I used to buy milk produced in Serbia for my children. Not in the Czech Republic, not in Poland. Now it turns out that I was deceived – commented one of the readers on the “Politics” website.

Our readers also made a number of comments regarding this announcement, partly protesting the importation, the generally poorer quality of milk on the market, but also the price, which, as they say, makes this product increasingly difficult to afford.

Until now, “Imlek” has not advertised about this situation on the market, nor have the relevant ministries. By the way, last year it was milk that set the record for the price increase. Compared to the same month in 2021, the price of pasteurized cow’s milk rose the most in November. According to data published on the website of the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Trade, its price has increased by 59 percent. The price of sterilized cow’s milk went up by 10 percent less, i.e. by 49 percent, while the price of yogurt increased by 48.1 percent.

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