Serbia is a good investment destination

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The company “AFI Europe Serbia”, in addition to the residential and business complex Airport City, is expanding its investments through two new projects: the residential and business complex “AFI Skyline”, a tower with 31 floors in Knez Miloša in Belgrade and the project “Zmaj” in Zemun. The director of that Israeli company, Adir El Al, told N1 that Serbia is a good business destination where investors can maximally satisfy their needs for a good location and space.

“Practically, we are creating a new destination in the heart of Belgrade, the AFI Skyline Tower will be one of the most prominent business buildings in the city.” It has 31 floors with business premises, covering almost 40,000 square meters – it is, indeed, a large space. We are proud that it is already 50 percent leased, before the opening, which shows us that the market can accept this type of development: it is a very modern, hi-tech building, which includes a lot of new technologies inside as well”, says Adir El Al.

The companies that want to rent this space have already recognized…

“The building will be opened in a month, which – for us – is also a success, the construction lasted approximately two years, and this is also a sign that Serbian companies are very capable of carrying out this kind of project”, says interviewee N1.

In the last few years, he says, there has been an influx of new companies entering the Serbian market, which of course affects the domestic economy.

“I would say it’s a very positive trend, and we see it in our entire portfolio as well.” For example, in Airport City, the capacity has been doubled in the last five years. We can see that trend in the example of Skyline, and we can see the same in our new project AFI city ZMAJ. It is a business complex that we are building on the other side of town, in Zemun. A large number of hi-tech companies, development centers, small and large IT companies coming to Serbia are interested in this – for example, gaming companies, developers – they are all interested in such a space in a new location”, says El Al.

Serbia, he points out, is definitely a business destination that can provide such investors with a location and space that meets their needs, N1 reports.

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