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Serbia is building the Trans-Balkan electricity corridor - Serbia Business

Serbia is building the Trans-Balkan electricity corridor

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The company Elektromreža Srbije is building the Trans-Balkan Electric Power Corridor, which connects it with Romania and via Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Montenegro, and connects it with Italy with an undersea cable, and it is worth 31 million euros in grants.

The Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Dubravka Đedović, said that one part of the project was successfully implemented, because Serbia has already connected with Romania.

“Our goal is to connect with neighboring countries so that we can exchange and even export as much electricity as possible, because we are looking to increase our production capacity,” said Đedovic.

She pointed out that the Open Balkans initiative is not only trade cooperation, but also connection on other grounds.

“Within our region, we have to connect with energy, first of all, to make our electricity supply stronger, safer, more secure, and that’s why this project is important.”

She reminded that Serbia committed itself to the Sofia Declaration, like all countries in the region, and that, like all EU member countries, “it will be determined on the path to green energy”.

The European Commissioner for Enlargement of the European Union, Oliver Varheji, said that, thanks to the Trans-Balkan Corridor project, it will be possible to trade electricity between Serbia and the European Union twice as fast.

“Energy is on everyone’s mind these days, not always with positive connotations, considering the security of energy supply. With this project, we will expand the capacities of the network, thereby strengthening the security of supply,” Varheji pointed out.

The Serbian section of the Trans-Balkan Corridor is 321 kilometers long and has four transmission lines. Two have been completed from the Romanian border to Pancevo and Kragujevac-Kraljevo, and the third and fourth to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are being prepared.

That electricity transmission system will replace the outdated network, reduce breakdowns and costs of operation and maintenance, and the Trans-Balkan Electric Power Corridor will be operational in 2027, Beta writes.