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Serbia is getting a Cadastre of Waste

Mining Waste Cadastre is a web application that contains systematic data on mining waste from 250 abandoned or closed mines.
The cadastre also contains the results of detailed surveys for 41 mining waste sites with chemical, mineralogical, geomechanical testing and laboratory analyzes, as well as waste categorization and environmental and human health impact assessment.
“The results obtained will help the Cadastre in future analyzes of the possibilities for undertaking for remediation and reclamation of landfills that are critical in terms of environmental pollution and human health hazards”, said Dragana Jelisavac Erdeljan, Head of the Mining Department at the competent Ministry.
Jelisavac Erdeljan also announced that in 2020 the implementation of the Regulation regulating the field of mining waste management will begin.
Businesses have the opportunity to harmonize their operations with the Regulation within a maximum of two years, the statement added.
The 2.1 million euros project should contribute to the further development and improvement of a system of responsible and sustainable management of mining waste in Serbia, writes Kamatica.