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Serbia is making good use of the economic opportunities created by the crisis

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The president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež, said today at the 22nd Belgrade Economic Forum that the change in the world economy caused by the energy crisis, the conflict in Ukraine and other global upheavals is an opportunity for Serbia to adapt to a new way of organizing the world market.

He said that due to the crisis, there was inflation and difficult financing of companies, but on the other hand, there were opportunities for a new way of doing business that Serbia can take advantage of.

“The former unity of the global economy is changing and now we see a division into some areas such as China, the US and others, and there you see supply chains being placed closer to the headquarters of companies, which opens up opportunities for us.” In Europe, companies are trying to restructure supplier chains, which is an opportunity for us, and on the other hand, they have to invest in new ways of production, which is another good opportunity that Serbia used well last year, because it had a record software export of 2, 4 to 2.6 billion euros”, said Čadež.

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He emphasized that the transition to the production of batteries and electric vehicles is an opportunity for Serbia and stated that China is investing billions of euros in the construction of such factories in Hungary and Poland, and that some of these companies are also negotiating with Serbia, reports Tanjug.

Čadež pointed out that the proof that Serbia has adapted well to the economic opportunities opened up by the crisis is that this year we will have close to four billion euros in direct foreign investments and a record GDP growth.

Speaking about the ongoing regional summit in Tirana, Čadež said that the Open Balkans is a possible way to innovate the approach to the issue of joining the Western Balkan countries to the EU through economic integration and the common market.

“We need a way to bring us closer to the common market faster and because of the companies from the EU that I have serious plants here”, said Čadež.

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He pointed out that the largest space at the fair in Tirana was rented by Serbian companies that made a lot of contracts, which shows that there is an economic dynamic between the countries in the region.

The president of the PKS said that in the last year and a half there have been a lot of investments in the region from the USA, mainly in the energy sector, such as connecting the region with a gas pipeline, Politika reports.

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