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Home/News/Serbia is not planning new aid to businesses, it would jeopardize stability and the public debt rate

Serbia is not planning new aid to businesses, it would jeopardize stability and the public debt rate

President Aleksandar Vucic stated today that the state is not considering a new package of assistance to the economy due to the virus, because that would endanger the stability and the rate of public debt.
“No, the state cannot provide more money to help the economy. If it provides even more, the state will jeopardize the stability and the public debt rate, and I promised the people that we will not exceed the public debt rate of 60 percent of GDP, which is the Maastricht level,” said Vucic.
Asked in Batajnica whether a new package of measures for the economy is being considered and how he comments on the union’s allegations that the economy has been affected again and that they expect mass layoffs, Vucic said that some media announced mass layoffs a few months ago, but that this did not happen. There are now 6,000 more employees in Serbia than before the crisis.
“As for the union, I love Ljubo Orbovic (president of the SSSS), he always understands the state and I understand the need of the union to always protect the workers, and I am on the side of the workers. But the state is not a jar from which you can take what you want,” Vucic said.
He stated that last night, looking at several dailies and news throughout the region, he got the impression that communism had returned to the back door.
“All the news is negative, to take the ropes to hang yourself, and the other is – let the state pay! From where do you want us to print money,” Vucic asked.
He says that, according to the IMF, Serbia has come out of the financial crisis the best, and that now some are looking for money again.
“You think we have a jar, so you come and take it? Find such presidents, you have such experts who robbed the country and always say that the state should give more money,” said Vucic, B92 reports.