Serbia is ready to expand its gas storage and buy additional gas

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Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Serbia, said that energy is a matter of the future.
– In the modern world, the most important are the economy, GDP growth, economy, energy, electricity, gas, oil, water, food and army, because security must be provided, as well as health – said Vučić and pointed out that the situation in the world is difficult and tense.
– Energy is a question of the future, whether we will be able to survive as a small country – the President pointed out and pointed out the high level of inflation in Germany and America and the jump in energy prices.
– That is the beginning, not the end – Vučić pointed out and added that it was of strategic importance for Kostolac to start working as soon as possible, and that he was very dissatisfied that it was so late.
According to him, Serbia produces enough electricity for its needs and does not depend on imports.
Vučić pointed out that the prices of gas and electricity are connected.
– We are resolving the issue of commodity reserves, we must strengthen that. We must increase the reserves of food for the army, as well as the reserves of oil, food, wheat, corn, we have good yields – said President Vučić.
He added that Serbia is ready to expand the gas storage and buy additional gas, Novosti reports.