Serbia is taking over the arms industry of Republika Srpska

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The arms industry of Serbia will soon take over the majority and management package in the Banja Luka Aviation Institute “Kosmos”. This is, after “Zrak” from Teslic, the second arms company in Srpska that will be controlled by the state of Serbia.
“Kosmos” employed 1,600 workers before the war and was the pride of the then professional purpose-built industry for the needs of the air force and air defense, this portal writes.
Now, Serbia will take it over through one of its arms industry. Reportedly, several takeover options are being considered, the most realistic of which is for us to become the owners of two thirds of the share capital.
Capital writes that companies from the arms industry in the Republic of Srpska have been closely cooperating with companies with the same activity in Serbia for years, so that the entry into ownership is the result of the previous partnership. For example, “Kosmos” generates almost half of its revenues through cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Serbia, BiF reports.