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Serbia joins European Patent Office

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Board for Technological Innovations, Intellectual Property Office, Ministry for Science and Technological Development, EU Delegation and Law Office Plavša organized the Round Table on the importance of Serbia’s association to the European Patent Office – EPO  

Serbia became a member of the European Patent Office on the 1st of October 2010 and thus provided new opportunities to its citizens. The membership in this organization covering 38 states as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro enjoys the prestigious position when it comes to the quality of the patents registered, investment security, knowledge transfer.

Danica Mićanović, secretary of the SCC Board for Technological Innovation pointed out that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce supports our creative people to use their rights in terms of intellectual property. The EU recognizes the importance of innovations and new technologies for the economic growth and established the Innovation Union as a measure for the increase of competitiveness of its products. Mićanović said that according to the data of the EU Serbia takes 29th position out of 34 states included in the survey.
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