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Serbia, Montenegro eye improved highway, railway connection by 2021

Montenegro and Serbia vowed on Monday to have improved interconnection by highway and railway, with important projects to be completed in the next three years.

This is among what transport ministers of both countries have agreed.

Serbian Transport Minister Zorana Mihajlovic arrived in Montenegro for an official visit Monday and together with Montenegro’s counterpart Osman Nurkovic toured the construction site of the Moracica bridge on the Boljare-Bar highway on Corridor 11, which would link Serbia and Montenegro.

Mihajlovic said that the works on Serbian side will finish by 2021. She expressed satisfaction with the fact that construction works are intensive in Montenegro too.

Both ministers afterwards signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation on the implementation of infrastructure projects between Serbia and Montenegro.

“Based on this memorandum, Serbia and Montenegro will be able to define projects that can work together in infrastructure,” Mihajlovic said after the signing, according to a Montenegrin government statement.

“I believe that Serbia and Montenegro will cooperate much more in the coming period on the construction of the highway on Corridor 11, because this project is important for both countries, but also for the region,” Mihajlovic concluded.

Nurkovic and Mihajlovic also talked about the reconstruction of the railway from Montenegrin port of Bar to the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

While Mihajlovic said that Serbia so far reconstructed 77.6-km section from Belgrade to Valjevo and intended to complete the construction works at the beginning of 2021, Nurkovic said that 40 percent of reconstruction of Bar-Belgrade railway in Montenegro is complete.

The Montenegrin minister added that “the country aims to have a higher quality railway connection and better railway transport with Serbia in three years.”

Source; Xinhua