Serbia mostly exports and imports from Germany

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Last year, the export of goods from Serbia was worth more than 17 billion euros, while the import reached 22.9 billion euros, a billion less than a year earlier, according to the data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics.
Almost 90 percent of the total export from Serbia is the work of the processing industry, and the value of the goods that went outside the country’s borders is 15.3 billion euros. We mostly exported food products, electrical equipment, motor vehicles, rubber and plastic products. At the same time, Serbia imported the most products of the processing industry, worth 18 billion euros. Cereals, vegetables and fruits were among the biggest export trump cards of Serbia last year, and fruits and vegetables from the food sector were the largest item on the list of imported products, for which 477.6 million euros were spent in 2020.
Almost twice as many exports as imports are recorded in agriculture, where products worth 1.2 billion euros went outside Serbia, while only 631 million euros were worth the import of those goods in 2020. We exported more drinks and tobacco than we imported last year, just like vegetable fats, rubber, wood.
Viewed by sectors, we imported the most pharmaceutical products during 2020, worth 1.1 billion euros, more than a billion was spent on imports of oil, industrial machinery, road vehicles and electric machinery. The value of the electric machines we imported was a little less than 1.6 billion euros, while the export of these goods was worth 2.1 billion euros. More than 10 percent of imports in 2020 were unclassified goods, such were purchased in the value of 2.7 billion euros.
By far the largest trade partner of Serbia is Europe, to which more than 91 percent of exports went, while goods worth 17.65 billion euros entered Serbia from European countries in 2020, a little less than 80 percent of total imports. Looking at countries, most were imported from Germany (3.1 billion euros), China (2.8), Italy (1.9) and Russia (1.3), while exports were highest to Germany, Italy, BiH and Romania. These are the only four countries to which Serbia sold goods worth more than a billion euros, in the case of Germany, exports were 2.1 billion euros, Danas reports.