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Home/News/Serbia not included in EU’s tax haven blacklist

Serbia not included in EU’s tax haven blacklist

The EU on Tuesday released a blacklist of 17 tax havens, with Serbia and another three Western Balkan states left out, Beta reported.

These countries promised to meet international and European standards to block tax evasion until 2019.

In a set of measures passed by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council, made up of the economy and finance ministers of all EU states, it’s made clear that Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have accepted the European Commission’s request.

The ministers also said in the document, with Macedonia joining in, that Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia should become members of a broader international framework, and accept the EU rules to implement the standard that a tax profit be paid where the profit had been made.

The request has been accepted by Albania, Turkey, Jordan, Fiji, Swaziland, Vietnam, Morocco, the Maldives and Cape Verde.