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Serbia, On the Product Exchange, corn became cheaper, wheat became more expensive

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On the Product Exchange in Novi Sad last week, the price of corn dropped by about one percent, and wheat went up by 1.6 percent, while the supply of soybeans was minimal.

The price of corn last week was lower compared to the previous week, this cereal was traded at a price of 30.60 to 31.40 dinars per kilogram, without value added tax (VAT), depending on whether the goods have a document of analysis on aflatoxin.

The average price of corn for this week is 31.01 dinars per kilogram, without VAT, or 34.12 dinars (with VAT), which is a decrease of 1.02 percent compared to the previous week.

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After the constant fall in the price of wheat since the beginning of the month, a positive price trend was recorded on the market. The offer was extremely weak from the beginning of the week, while the interest of buyers was mostly for wheat with a protein of 11.5 to 12 percent.

Contracts for wheat were concluded in the price range from 32.70 to 34.50 dinars, excluding VAT, depending on quality parameters. The weighted price is 34.21 dinars per kilogram, without VAT, or 37.63 dinars with VAT, which is an increase of 1.63 percent compared to the previous week.

Not a single contract has been concluded for soybeans. Sunflower meal with 33 percent protein was sold in the price range from 33.50 dinars per kilogram to 33.80 dinars, excluding VAT.

The contract for feed barley, with a hectoliter weight of 60 kg and delivery to the customer, was realized at a price of 34.50 dinars per kilogram, excluding VAT.

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At the end of the week, a small amount of AN mineral fertilizer was traded at a price of RSD 84.74 per kilogram, excluding VAT, Beta reports.

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