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Serbia, Petroproces successfully commissioned system for blast furnace gas for HBIS Steel Mill

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Petroprocess has finished another successful year with unique solution in CEE. For the needs of client HBIS Steel Mill Smederevo, Petroproces have successfully projected, integrated and commissioned system for blast furnace gas as tailored made unique solution. This commissioned system is now 19th system installed in HBIS Steel Mill Smederevo since 2018.
Petroproces Serbia is known as regional know how leading company who developed the expertise and resources to deliver fully integrated and optimized solutions for process analytics, emissions monitoring (CEMS), combustion & flame analysis,and pumping systems as well as measuring/control equipment and associated maintenance services.

For advanced monitoring of combustion processes Petroprocess is offering system for visualization of combustion processes in boilers and industrial and process furnaces. Process knowledge and our design and installation expertise allow us to create accurate systems which provide our customers with more information on temperature distribution in combustion chambers, analysis of unbalanced combustion processes, burning analysis, slag monitoring and visualization of flame in combustion chamber, post combustion area, hoper, grate and flame front monitoring.

As well as flame visualization, our systems additionally offer temperature determination, thermal analysis of the local temperature distribution and temperature definition in specific areas of interest.

Furthermore, Petroprocess is offering design and implementation of advanced ignition systems. Depending on customer needs, we may provide high energy electric igniters (high energy electric spark is capable to directly ignite fuel oil), flame monitors and controllers, gas igniters, pilot burners, gas/oil burners and gas control solutions.

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