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Serbia, Public debt amounts to 53.5 percent of GDP

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Earlier today, the Ministry of Finance announced that public debt amounts to 53.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

As recorded between January and November, budget deficit was 81 billion dinars, with revenues of 1,519.1 billion dinars and expenditures of 1,600.1 billion.

In November, the deficit was RSD 106.3 billion, revenues were collected for RSD 137.5 billion, of which tax revenues amounted to RSD 120.9 billion.

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The largest part of tax revenues is made up of VAT payments totaling 64.4 billion dinars, of which excise duty is 29 billion dinars, and profit tax brought in 12.1 billion dinars. Non-tax revenues brought in 15.7 billion, and the inflow of donations in November amounted to 0.9 billion. Expenditures amounted to 243.9 billion, of which expenditures for employees were 29.3 billion, capital expenditures 23.9, subsidies 19.5, expenditures for the use of services and goods 17.7, and transfers for mandatory social insurance 18.1 billion dinars.

The largest individual expenditure category in November of 103.6 billion dinars, was expenditure for the acquisition of financial assets intended to overcome the negative effects of the energy crisis. When it comes to the general state budget in the period January – November, a fiscal deficit of 29.8 billion dinars and a primary fiscal surplus of 74 billion were realized, B92 reports.

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