Serbia should be approved to export meat to the EU after three decades

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Pork and chicken meat from Serbia could reach European stores by the end of the year.
As stated, Serbia expects a “green light” from the EU tomorrow for the export of that meat to their market, after 30 years.
Tomorrow, the Minister of Agriculture of Serbia, Branislav Nedimovic, has a meeting with the management of the European Commission in charge of EU policy in the field of agriculture and rural development, at which a “shelf” is expected for Serbian pork and chicken.
At the end of 2019, the obligatory vaccination against the classic swine fever, which was done for more than three decades, was abolished. It was also the first step towards the procedure for enabling the export of pigs to the EU market.
In addition to exports, Serbia will be approved for the transit of pork through the EU, which will significantly simplify and reduce the costs of exporting and transporting meat for Russia, ie the Customs Union.
It is certain that chicken meat and eggs will be available in the EU this year, and pork at the beginning of 2022, Danas reports.