Serbia should use both European and Russian offer

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Serbia should use the European offer and build a gas storage of one billion cubic meters, but also use the Russian offer and increase the storage capacity in Banatski Dvor, energy expert Milos Zdravkovic told the weekly “Vreme”, while supporting the gas arrangement between Serbia and Hungary. “Smart thing.”

Zdravkovic said that it was important to complete the connection with Bulgaria and for Serbia to start the process of lifting the moratorium on nuclear energy, and in the meantime to become a minority co-owner of a nuclear power plant in the area.

It is necessary to build a reversible power plant of 600 megawatts and enter the project of the reversible power plant Djerdap 3. These are projects that are economically viable, but also time-consuming. The fastest are the gas storage facilities, Zdravković pointed out.

Speaking about the agreement between Serbia and Hungary on gas storage, Zdravkovic said that it was a good agreement, because Hungary had reached 54 billion cubic meters of storage.

According to that agreement, we can withdraw three million cubic meters a day within a month, and six million in November, December and January. Our consumption in the summer months is up to 4.5 million, and in the winter from 10 to 15 million, he said, Danas writes.