Serbia, The last trading day on the Belgrade Stock Exchange this year ended with the growth of both indices

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The total trading turnover was only 3.8 million dinars (about 32.4 thousand euros).

The BELEX15 index jumped by 1.6 percent to 824.61 points, and strengthened by the same percentage on the weekly level, while the BELEXline advanced by 0.9 percent to 1,730.86 points, but compared to last week, it is in the red by 1.3 percent.

Shares of “Nikola Tesla” Airport led the winners of the day with a value increase of 6.3 percent to 1,596 dinars, and were also the most traded with an amount slightly less than 1.5 million dinars.

The oil industry of Serbia remained at 675 dinars, with a turnover of approximately 0.8 million dinars, and “Dunav osiguranje” traded for 0.6 million dinars at an unchanged price of 1,069 dinars.

The Sevojnica aluminum rolling mill Impol Seval fell by 3.5 percent to 4,823 dinars per share, which realized a turnover of less than 0.3 million dinars.

The biggest loser was the tobacco company “Philip Morris”, whose preferred share sank by almost 6.5 percent to 7,015 dinars, with a realization of less than 0.3 million dinars.

Shares of Metalac from Gornji Milanovac were traded in the amount of 0.1 million dinars at a price of 1,678 dinars, 3.8 percent higher than in the last session.

Foreign investors had a share of 8.06 percent in the total turnover on the stock market, 8.86 percent in purchases, and 7.26 percent in sales.

Five series of government bonds, one dinar and four euro-denominated, had a total turnover of 0.1 million dinars (one thousand euros), dominated by the dinar series RSO19181 with a maturity date of January 2026, Dnevnik reports.

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