Serbia, The reconstruction of the Sava Center is proceeding according to plan

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The reconstruction of the Sava Center is proceeding according to plan and its opening is planned for exactly one year, in November 2023. Then the congress area with 40 halls, a shopping area and office space will be opened.

Journalists from Serbia and the region were informed about the works on this facility today by the leaders of the Sava Center, the company Delta Real Estate and the company PlanRadar, whose digital tool represents one of the innovations in the renovation of the congress center.

“Until now, we have carried out works on the rehabilitation of the structure of the building, sandblasting, impregnation and rehabilitation of concrete surfaces on the facade, and the installation of facade glass with a high degree of energy efficiency has also begun. We have also started work on the Blue Hall, which will be one of the most sophisticated segments in the reconstruction of the Sava Center”, said Katarina Gajić, director of design and construction at Delta Real Estate.

“In addition to solar panels on the roof, LED lighting, greening of the facility, we are trying to certify the facility, because we believe that this will encourage other participants in the congress industry to follow us.” Only a few congress centers in Europe possess some of the certificates, and the Sava Center deserves to be among the best”, said Kristina Milinčić, general director of the Sava Center, reminding once again that the famous congress center will retain its basic purpose even after the renovation.

“Sava Center is one of the most significant projects not only for our company Delta Real Estate, Delta Holding, but also for our city and country. Sava Center is a brand and a cultural monument, and its reconstruction is not at all easy for us as investors. However, we gathered a team, partners and collaborators on the project who firmly believe that the value of the Sava Center reaches far beyond the borders of our country. We have prepared a concept that will bring business, entertainment and life back to this facility, but at the same time become a strong driver of the congress industry in the region”, said Angelina Nekić, vice president of Delta Holding and general manager of Delta Real Estate Group.

In order to carry out the works on the renovation of the building within the given deadlines, and with maximum quality, the company Delta Real Estate also uses the most modern digital tools, such as PlanRadar. This advanced software for digital documentation and communication in the construction industry enables simple construction site management and very quick response to observed situations.

The company Delta Holding bought the Sava Center at a public tender for 17.5 million euros, with the obligation to invest 50 million euros in its renovation. Considering the current situation on the market, it is estimated that the renovation of this important facility will cost more than 100 million euros, and Delta is ready to provide the appropriate financing, so that Sava Center will once again be what Belgrade expects from it: a prestigious congress center in Serbia and region, it was said at the press conference, Bonitet writes.

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