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Serbia, The state subsidizes the price of electricity and gas

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Minister of Energy Dubravka Đedović stated that “the price of electricity, despite the increase of eight percent in January, is still among the lowest in Europe, which is also the case with the price of gas for households“, but “the situation on the market, however, changes daily”.

“Our state subsidizes, that’s clear to you, but we don’t have a pot of gold. We will really fight so that, even if there are price increases, they are minimal, as is the case now,” said Đedović in an interview for today’s Politika when asked about electricity prices for households.

She said that she is concerned about the way of working in the Kolubara mines, stating that she is not satisfied because the coal production is less than it should be.

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According to her, “the bottom line and the most important thing is that the electricity supply is not threatened”.

“When we talk about new investments, they must be prepared quickly and the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) must be much more efficient in their implementation,” said Đedović.

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