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Serbia – Turkey: economic relation could be better


Turkish companies gathered within the TUSKON confederation are interested in cooperation with Serbian companies, but Serbia has a large deficit in its trade with Turkey.

There are no significant investments from one country to the other, even though the political relations are excellent.

Serbia and Turkey are great friends, but the friendship has not been displayed in economic relations, TUSKON coordinator for Europe Gokhan Mutcali stated. TUSKON is a confederation of businessmen and industrialists with 33,260 members. It represents 100,000 companies, reported belgrade media.

The general impression is that the two countries’ economic relations are good, but that they could be significantly better, he told Serbian reporters during their recent visit to TUSKON’s headquarters in Istanbul.

Turkey’s export to Serbia stands at over USD 300 million, while Serbia’s export is in excess of USD 100 million, so the priority at the moment is to improve the economic relations with Serbia and the rest of the Balkans, he pointed out.

He hopes the economic relations between Serbia and Turkey will become even better after the next forum, in Belgrade in February 2012, where Turkey will present the Serbian market with an even better offer.

According to company officials, Serbia can use Turkey to export its products to Africa and Asia, while Turkey can use Serbia to access the Russian market, since Serbia has a free trade agreement with Russia.

TUSKON was established in 2005. It is made up of 162 associations that operate in 80 provinces across Turkey and are members of 7 regional business federations.