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Serbia wants to attract more German investors

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is expected to have one of his busiest working days in Munich.
As he said, he will have important meetings within the Security Conference for almost 16 hours, almost until midnight, adding that the meaning of all these meetings, among other things, lead to the perception of Serbia as a country of favorable business environment and attractive destination for investors.
In a statement to the press, Vucic announced that he would participate in a panel likely to include Albanian representatives from Kosovo and Metohia, but also to try to attract new German investors to our country.
The panel with German investors, he says, will be of fantastic importance to our country, organized with the support of Wofgang Ischinger.
“I am preparing for this and I want to attract more German investors. Ischinger, who is a political legend of Germany and who has a huge reputation in Germany, invited those investors to come and have Serbia introduce itself as an investment destination. To do this at the Munich Security Forum, it’s of great importance”.
The President of Serbia points out that this is a great honor and an opportunity.
We will also have a panel attended by a large number of international representatives and politicians.
“I believe there will also be Albanian representatives from KiM, so we will see how the talks are going and what other people’s ideas will be”.
Vucic says he will have a meeting with the Chinese foreign minister, which is an incredible honor for Serbia, as he has many requests for bilateral relations, but Serbia will be among the countries to have the meeting and thanked Chinese friends. He added that he would have a meeting with US senators at 10.15 pm tomorrow, but that he would also have meetings with German CDU deputies tomorrow.
“We represent our policy and fight for the interests of Serbia”, said Vucic, pointing out that this creates and presents a favorable business environment that is recognized by foreign companies, such as the German company Brose. He announced that in a few days the foundation stone for Brose will be laid in Pancevo, which, he points out, will be the factory with the highest salaries in Serbia of an average of 1,900 euros. Vucic said that it was of great importance for us that everyone was able to read in the Financial Times about Serbia’s “lightning economic growth”.
“It fixes our opportunities here. We want to bring everyone to Serbia, to move forward with investments, to open borders in the region and to Europe”, Vucic told reporters in Munich.
He stated that his idea was not to have a border with Europe in a few years, that we have no borders from Serbia to Hungary, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Albania, BiH.
“If we can do that, we will be more free and economically stronger than ever”.
That requires peace and stability, Vucic repeated, B92 writes.