Serbia will get a new software in order to better control public companies

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From next year, the work of public companies will be monitored by software. The program is currently being tested, and its implementation will begin in 2022.
It will make it easier for republican and local public companies, local self-government units as well as the Ministry of Economy to plan the work of public companies and report on their results.
Republic companies submit their reports regularly and on time. The situation is somewhat different at the level of local self-government units.
– The obligation to submit information on the operations of local public companies is fulfilled by about 90 local self-government units, while about 70 percent of the submitted ones contain a minimum level of data on the basis of which elementary analyzes of public companies’ operations could be done – said Minister of Economy Andjelka Atanaskovic.
– By submitting all reports through the IT platform, the obligation to submit on time will be additionally emphasized, because, for example, the system will be locked after the prescribed deadlines.
The idea came from the Sector for Public Enterprises, and was supported by the RELOF2 project, which, with the support of the Swiss government, initiated its development.
– The new IT software should overcome all the identified problems in the current practice – says Minister Atanaskovic. – To shift the focus of reporting from exclusively financial indicators to the achieved results, to clearly see the results based on invested funds, as well as to enable all decision makers in companies, local governments and the Ministry of Economy to make various analyzes.
Reports of public companies are now checked, consolidated and analyzed without any technological support. This process takes a lot of time.
– Considering all the mentioned problems in practice, the software will unify the scope of submitted information, all with the aim of modern information business.
– The advantages of the software are immeasurable at the level of supervision and control – says Andjelka Atanaskovic. – The savings and benefits obtained by switching to a digital planning and reporting system are huge, primarily in terms of time and more space for substantive analysis and conclusions that should contribute to improving the business of all public companies, Novosti reports.