Serbia will get another 16 wind generators of the most modern technology

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The Provincial Secretary for Energy, Construction and Traffic, Ognjen Bjelic, visited the “Kovacica” Wind Power Plant today.

On that occasion, the investor, the company Enlight K2 Wind, was handed a building permit for the construction of a new wind farm Pupin, the Provincial Government announced.

Bjelic pointed out that in the past five years, 700 million euros have been invested in the construction of seven 398 megawatt wind farms on the territory of Vojvodina. According to the permit issued for the wind farm “Kovacica” by the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Traffic, it is planned to build 16 wind generators of the most modern technology, with a total power of 95.5 megawatts.

Pancevo received a wind farm with a capacity of 60 turbines, up to 250 meters high

It is estimated that the annual production will be 255 kilowatt-hours of green electricity, and the new facility should be completed in the second half of 2023.

Bjelic pointed out that the provincial secretariat for energy sees domestic and foreign investors as partners, who want to invest in wind power plants.

He also stated that the adoption of the new Law on Renewable Energy Sources gave a clear signal that investors in the field of renewable energy sources are desirable and that it shows the direction in which Serbia’s energy policy is moving.

“We will continue in the next period to meet the legal framework and deadlines to meet all investors who are interested in developing projects like this one in Kovacica,” said Bjelic.

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He pointed out that today, when the Wind Day is being marked, we can see the strength of the wind farm built in Kovacica

The director of the company New Energy Solutions, which manages this wind farm, Miloš Colic, said that the cooperation with the relevant provincial secretariat is excellent, and that all procedures for obtaining permits for the construction of the wind farm have been successfully completed.

“We are looking at the future of green Serbia and the announcements that by 2040, the total energy will come from renewable sources, and that is where we, as a private company, see our place,” he said.

The wind farm “Kovacica”, with a capacity of 104.5 megawatts, is the second largest in our country and produces electricity for 68,000 households.

189 million euros were invested in its construction, and it is the first new power plant to be put on the electricity transmission system after almost 30 years.

The president of the municipality of Kovacica, Jaroslav Hrubik, also attended the event, B92 reports.