Serbia will invest four billion euros in the construction of sewerage infrastructure in the next five years

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We are starting with the Clean Serbia project and in the next five years we will invest four billion euros in the construction of sewage infrastructure and wastewater treatment plants, said today the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic.
As it was announced from his office, he emphasized today in the settlement of Jasenje that 10.5 and 8.5 kilometers of sewerage network, respectively, and one wastewater treatment plant will be built in Mionica and Banja Vrujci.
“This year, more is being done in Mionica than has been done in the previous 100 years,” said the mayor of Mionica, Boban Jankovic, saying that the project is the crowning proof that Mionica will be a successful local self-government in a successful and developed Serbia.
The investment in the new sewerage network, which will include a total of 22 settlements, is financed by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure with 10.1 million euros, and is being built by the Chinese company “China Road and Bridge Corporation” (CRBC).
The 19-kilometer-long faecal sewerage network will include all settlements in the municipality of Mionica that have not had sewerage so far: Jasenje, Divcibarski put, Brezdjanska, Kovacevica put, Tesanovica put, Kneza Grbovica krak, Kevica sokace, part of Aleksandar Obrenovic, Dragojevic, Milan Stanicica, Obilaznica, Djurdjevica sokak, Novakovici sokak, Pajici sokak, Rankovici sokak, Jevtovica sokak, Antonijevici sokak, Valjevski put.
By the end of the year, the construction of sewerage and collectors will begin in four settlements in Banja Vrujci: Piskavica, Visnje, Krstovo brdo and Ljiski put, Danas reports.