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Serbia, Zijin Group and the port of Bar in cooperation through the transport of copper

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Zijin Group plans to significantly increase its capacities in Bor, and railway carriers, logisticians and the Port of Bar will be their reliable partners in those plans, said Vice President of Zijin Global Lin Hongying during a visit to the Port of Bar.

She added that Zijin is ready to significantly participate in all investments that will improve the efficiency and speed of the logistics and transport direction, based on the feasibility studies that will be prepared by the other work participants. She expressed her satisfaction with the visit to the Port of Bar and Montenegro, and especially the potential that the port has.

As announced from the Port of Bar, the company was visited by representatives of the company Zijin, the logistics company TRANS CARGO LOGISTIC from Belgrade, as well as representatives of the Montenegrin railway company Montecargo.

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Together with the Port of Bar, as well as Montecargo and Serbia Cargo, Zijin and TCL are the carriers of one of the largest economic projects, both in Montenegro and in Serbia – the transshipment of copper concentrate. And on this occasion, all participants in the transport chain used the meeting to discuss past cooperation, plans and projections for the next period, as well as expected investments and investments in infrastructure, technology and workforce – the announcement states.

The ”resident of the Board of Directors of the Port of Bar Darko Pekić emphasized the importance of this business project for the Montenegrin maritime and railway economy, as well as for all related activities.

I am particularly pleased with the long-term and stability of this business, as well as the constant tendency to increase the amount of goods that will be transshipped for the needs of Zijin from Bor – he said. Executive director Ilija Pješčić also agreed with him.

We are witnessing an incredible growth in the volume of transshipment of copper concentrate – from approx. 50,000 tons in 2020 to approx. 800,000 tons in 2022 – he said.

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Both the representatives of TCL and Montecargo were unanimous in their assessment that only joint investments and joint efforts of all participants in this business lead to significant increases in all capacities, the amount of transported and transhipped goods and as a final result – an increase in realized revenues.

During a tour of the port operations, and an insight into the storage and transshipment capacities of the Port of Bar, the Chinese partners were convinced of the readiness and seriousness with which the Port of Bar approaches this, as well as all other tasks – the announcement concludes.


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