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Serbian Government to adopt rulebook on energy passports

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Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic stated yesterday that during the course of this or the following month the government will adopt a rulebook, requiring all buildings to obtain an energy passport.

Visiting a glass wool producer Knauf Insulation Srbija in Surdulica, Dulic stressed that the relevant Ministry has prepared a set of bylaws concerning energy efficiency and that these documents are already in government procedure.

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If all residential buildings in Serbia were properly insulated, energy savings would soar to 40%, the Minister observed, explaining that once these regulations are passed by the government, all new facilities will have to obtain an energy passport. An accreditation body, which will be tasked with issuing these passports, will also be formed, he added.

Serbia is at the bottom of the energy efficiency scale in Europe, and this parameter is very important for its EU accession, he noted.


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