Serbian Startup Tapni received support from Digital Serbia

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The domestic startup company Tapni received a donation in the amount of 200,000 euros from the non-profit organization Digital Serbia. In addition to financial investment, they will also be provided with mentoring support.
“Such investments are extremely important for the domestic startup ecosystem because they help solve one of the biggest problems we have in Serbia, and that is the lack of funds for early financing. With this move, we not only want to support a startup, but also launch new investments by setting an example for others who have so far preferred to opt for traditional forms of investment, such as savings or buying real estate,” says Nebojsa Bjelotomic, a leading investor in Digital Serbia.
Startup Tapni was created with the goal of almost completely removing paper business cards from use. By attaching any smartphone to the user’s Tap card, pendant or sticker, his contact information and profiles on social networks automatically appear on the screen of the device.
Networking becomes simple and fast because it does not require physical exchange of cards, which is a bonus due to the current situation in the world with Covid.
Digital Serbia is a group of successful business people in the field of digital economy who want to support startup teams at their very beginning, Nova Ekonomija reports.