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Serbia’s economy will grow “3.5 percent, or more” this year

President of the Serbian Association of Economists Aleksandar Vlahovic says it is realistic that Serbia’s economy will grow 3.5 percent and more this year.

In his opening address at the Kopaonik Business Forum, Vlahovic, a former cabinet minister, said that Serbia’s public debt is close to 60 percent of GDP and that we now have a better credit rating than some EU countries.

Vlahovic said that the economic and fiscal position of Serbia is good today and that there is a solid basis for a developmental economic policy, while the economy’s resilience to external shocks is much higher than before 2015.

“For long-term sustainable growth, investments are needed, and this is preceded by the completion of structural reforms and the improvement of business conditions,” he said.

He pointed out that Serbia should continue with restructuring and privatization of large companies and that this must be in focus, as well as investments and the preservation of macro-fiscal stability.

Vlahovic added that forecasts about Serbia having economic growth higher than four percent in 2019 were realistic “only if we there is a significant level of investment.”

Source; B92