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Serbia’s foreign trade increased by 30 percent in 2022, the European Union the most important customer

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The economy of the Republic of Serbia ended the year 2022 with a record foreign trade exchange of 66.6 billion euros, the value of which is greater than the realized GDP of Serbia. At the same time, the value of exports exceeded 4,000 euros per inhabitant, said Minister of Trade Tomislav Momirović.

Tomislav Momirović states that our trade exchange continues to record strong growth in the economically and politically extremely difficult year behind us.

“In the difficult fight against inflation that we imported from outside, we managed to protect our citizens from the economic shock that came as a result of the war in the east of Europe and the great energy crisis. Our trade exchange in the economically and politically extremely difficult year that is behind us continues to record strong growth,” says Momiroović.

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It indicates that the European Union is still the most important customer of our goods and services, and that its share in our total exports is 64 percent.

“Germany remains our most important foreign trade partner with total exchange worth 8.2 billion euros, followed by China with 5.8 billion euros,” the minister pointed out.

It indicates that traditionally the largest surplus was achieved with the countries of the region, namely with Montenegro in the value of close to 1 billion euros, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 843 million euros and with North Macedonia 459 million euros.

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