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Serbia’s priority is to attract investments and open new factories

Minister Sinisa Mali says that he will fight like a lion with his colleagues from the government for the government to make results, both in the sphere of economy and in all points of the government’s program.
In an interview for today’s Serbian Telegraph, he said that an excellent selection of ministers in the new government had been made, and that as a team they were ready to face numerous challenges, adding that the real thing was to invest even more in economic reforms and program “Serbia 2025”, health, construction of new roads, railways, Belgrade metro…
“Of course, our priority remains attracting foreign direct investment and opening new factories. What is especially important is that we have a stable economic situation, the smallest drop in GDP in Europe, public debt that is under control… Things that the Prime Minister stated in the exposition they are not a list of good wishes, but realistic goals that the government will manage to achieve,” said Mali.
Speaking about the criticism of the opposition, Mali said that it speaks about them and added that the government will continue to work and fight, and that they can continue to criticize because they know nothing else to do.
Mali pointed out that he would like the “Serbia 2025” program to be realized in the next five years, which means that the average salary will be 900, and the pension 430 euros, B92 reports.